Adding pulldown

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Adding pulldown

Postby esr1 » 09 Apr 2012, 09:56

I am filmmaker here in Hawaii, and I'm itching to use JES De-Interlacer
to add pulldown. I have shot a short film in 24p (shot entirely on a
Panasonic GH2) for broadcast on local tv in Hawaii (NTSC). The producer
of the broadcast requires a 29.97, 1080i file. I'm having a hard time
using your product; I just can't seem to understand the process. I have
exported a 24.98 ProRes file from my FCP 7 timeline for use with JES.
Could you please tell me how I use your product to add pulldown to this

Thanks in advance! Mahalo!
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Re: Adding pulldown

Postby jeschot » 09 Apr 2012, 09:57

I suppose you meant 23.98?

You need to select "standards conversion", then 1440x1080 30i.
Click Custom, check "Strict 3:2 pulldown".
In the output pane check "top field first".
You may want to set edge = 0 in the output pane if you also have input clip= 0 in the Input movie inspector.
Select a compressor and hit OK.
You can select from Direct Compression or Export.
QuickTime Movie Export allows various compressors including HDV and Photo-JPEG.

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Re: Adding pulldown

Postby esr1 » 09 Apr 2012, 09:58

Thanks so much for your note. With your help, I was able to make it work! I'm very happy to be in charge of the conversion process, and to not have to rely on others for this.

Again, Thanks!
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