deinterlace PAL DV

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deinterlace PAL DV

Postby esr1 » 04 Jul 2012, 16:28

I'm stuck with the simple task of converting interlaced PAL videos to some progressive output format suitable for Final Cut.
The clips are widescreen.
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Re: deinterlace PAL DV

Postby jeschot » 04 Jul 2012, 16:41

You can either use deinterlace or standards conversion.

If the input has no interlace and aspect ratio information just set it in the Input Inspector.
In case of DV Stream export it is actually sufficient to set these properties in the export dialog (and leave "preserve aspect ratio" unchecked).

If you use deinterlace and want 50fps then set "both fields" and leave "double movie duration" unchecked.
If you use Standards Conversion, click on PAL first, then click on "Custom". Now you can set 50fps and progressive out but you cannot use the DV Stream exporter for this. Use QT Movie export or direct compression.

Be sure to check if FCP recognizes the various properties correctly.

BTW there are two ways to arrive at 576x1024 output: zero clip and aspect ratio 64:45 or clip 9 pixels left and right and aspect ratio 118:81.
Except that the last choice results in 576x1023 in v3.8.2. This has been fixed in the latest alpha.

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