Deinterlace Batch Crashes

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Deinterlace Batch Crashes

Postby Stuart Scott » 19 Nov 2015, 18:18

Thank you for your excellent work. A very helpful tool.

I'm using a MacPro 2013 OX 10.11.1, and JES 3.8.4

From the start (2014), batch crashes. I use to be able to reboot, and on the first attempt (maybe 5 file) batch would work; but now, no matter what I try, I have to input 1 file at a time. Batch isn't working at all.

Thanks for your help. :|
Stuart Scott
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Re: Deinterlace Batch Crashes

Postby jeschot » 20 Nov 2015, 11:27

At last a new message in the forum!
I *am* trying to prepare my apps for the Mac App Store but this is hard because of the "deprecation" of QuickTime.

Batching has never been 100% stable.
There is new version 3.8.5a5 on my website, but it has no specific batch improvements.

You should be able to restore the app to its initial state by deleting preferences, log and the stuff in the Application Support folder (close the app first).

Jan E.
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