skip every 25th frame

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skip every 25th frame

Postby esr1 » 18 Nov 2016, 19:41

Hello Jan,

A friend suggested I try your Deinterlacer program to correct an anomaly that I've encountered and need to fix.

I have a group of Quicktime files that consist of animation that was originally created at 24fps on twos (each frame intentionally repeated once) and then converted for PAL broadcast by duplicating the 24th frame. I see in the Deinterlacer documentation a reference to reverting this type of conversion back to the native 24fps and I've tried several tests with Deinterlacer and have come to the conclusion that it is too smart to allow a manually input start point when asked to drop every 25th frame. Instead it just fails to find the first repeat frame amongst all the duplicated frames. I don't know if this interests or even concerns you because it is a rather obscure conversion but I have extracted a short clip from one of these shows which I will send you via Hightail to download and work with if you think there may be a simple solution to this.

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Re: skip every 25th frame

Postby jeschot » 18 Nov 2016, 19:45

That is a very simple case which unfortunately I‘ve never reckoned with.
Here you would indeed want to set the first frame to skip manually.
In the inverse telecine pane of Deinterlacer there is such an option for PAL->film. Unfortunately this is for repeated fields rather than frames so that’s not going to help you either :-(

I have whipped up a small bare bones utility called JES SkipEveryNthFrame that does this conversion, allowing you to set the first frame to skip and the pattern period.

Jan E.
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