"Remove Logo" Tutorial

"Remove Logo" Tutorial

Postby gevel » 02 Oct 2010, 15:27

Usually I can intuitively figure out how to use software without much problem, but in the case of the "Remove Logo" feature on the JES Video Cleaner I'm stumped. Even after taking the unprecedented step of reading the instructions. Searching the internet for tutorials relating to this software only turned up reports from others who were stumped...or claims from some saying they may have figured it out, but it didn't work all that well so they're not sure if they're using it right!

So here's a request: If anyone out there has actually mastered all aspects of the "Remove Logo" feature (and I'm having increasing doubts that anyone has), please saunter over to http://www.recipester.org/Tutorials and post a CLEAR tutorial showing every step of the process. We're talkin' screen shots accompanied by clear instructions, folks. It's long overdue for such a tutorial to appear, considering how long this software has been around and how many Mac users would like a logo-removing tool.
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Re: "Remove Logo" Tutorial

Postby jeschot » 05 Oct 2010, 09:41

OK, I'll post a short tutorial here.

1. Open movie in Input pane
2. Select Remove logo processing type (check "Apply" box)
3. Select a Remove Logo type (interpolate, diminish, mask)
4. Wait for Preview button to become active
5. In Preview window adjust logo rectangle
6. In output pane, select destination and output format and press OK

3 and 5 are the most difficult parts.

3: what type to choose?

•Interpolate may cause flares shooting from the edge of the logo rectangle to the center

•Diminish works well for a quiet background but may fail miserably if the background is variable

•Mask is like interpolate except you try to reduce the number of pixels that is replaced by interpolated values; this may require some crafting of the logo mask in a painting application.

A mask is a black & white image of the logo. It can be the size of the video frame or just one corner.
You can create a logo mask all by yourself in a painting app or let the application have a go at it first and then polish the result.
You may need to experiment a little, especially in the transparent case. Automatic logo detection requires a minimal number of frames where the background behind the logo is an even color.

5. For adjusting the Logo rectangle you need the key presses described in the Keyboard Shortcuts window
Make sure the main window displays the Remove Logo section
Drag the video frame in the "Before" window until logo is visible
Draw the initial rectangle with the mouse
Move it with cmd-arrow
Size it with option-cmd-arrow

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Re: "Remove Logo" Tutorial

Postby jeschot » 25 Mar 2011, 09:33

If you use a mask you can draw a rectangle with rounded corners, for example.
One rarely gets a perfect result. That would make it a tool for breaking copyright ;-)

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