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Hi Jan - Your program 'JES' Video cleaner is great however I have to say much of it is technically beyond my level of expertise.
The problem that I have is that my source video has flickering left and right borders and I have assumed that if I process it with your program and set the black edge Left and Right to the appropriate setting (in my case 18 for both seems to be appropriate) then the video should end up with both sides being blanked out (masked) to hide the flickering. I set the program to run but it keeps stopping with the following alert:

It seems that this brings the process to a halt and the process cannot be restarted to miss the offending frames. Can you advise what action I should take to complete the task? -TIA
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Re: problem

Postby jeschot » 13 Jan 2014, 21:12

You can use QuickTime Player 7 Pro to set a mask. You need to make a black & white picture in a paint program for this.
Another way is to set a clean aperture image description extension with my app JES Extensifier.
Video editors let you crop video clips.
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