Timecode In and Out Markers

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Timecode In and Out Markers

Postby marceloboufleur » 21 May 2015, 14:56

Hello Jan,

First of all, let me thank you. JES Extensifier is a great tool and really helpful!

There is one feature however, that I believe could be implemented in JES Extensifier: removal of Timecode In and Out Markers of a Quicktime file.

There is a feature in Quicktime player, when it is possible to set "in" (using the "i" keyboard shortcut), and "out" (using the "o" keyboard shortcut). Then, it is possible to choose "Trim to Selection" option in Quicktime Menu, and the final Quicktime file will only display the in-out selection from now on. It even maintains the in-out markers when the Quicktime file is imported in Final Cut Pro 7.

The problem is that after that is done, I could not find a way to remove these markers to check the cutted scenes.

Do you believe this could be accomplished with JES Extensifier?
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Re: Timecode In and Out Markers

Postby jeschot » 25 May 2015, 10:31

Hello marceloboufleur,

You are setting the selection start and duration. That is not timecode.
Selection start and duration can be saved in a QT movie. If you trim a track edit is performed on each track.
If you just need to remove the selection you can use Select none in QT Player. If you want to undo trim you'll need Dumpster which allows you to view and edit a movie's metadata (well, some of it). You'll need to undo the track edits and adjust the track and movie durations.

Jan E.
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Re: Timecode In and Out Markers

Postby marceloboufleur » 25 May 2015, 14:59

Thanks for the reply, Jan.

I know Dumpster, but avoid to use it because of the horrible interface and the uneasiness of the app.

My intent would be to pass on this task to some operators that are not familiar with "it world" and understanding of the code involved on messing with several metadata within the Quicktime, so - the easiest, the best.

Is this something that perhaps would be of interest to implement on JES extensifier?

PS: QT Repair seems to do exactly that, but is part of a much larger software called Pro Maintenace Tools, from Digital Rebelion, and it also implies on exporting the final un-trimmed file - which requires more space.


Marcelo Boufleur
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