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Clap Atom Check

Postby esr1 » 18 Nov 2016, 19:24

I'm writing to thank you for this great little app, and also to pose a couple of questions:

1. What do you use to determine if a QT file has a clap atom applied, whether or not the image is actually cropped. I've heard can might have the clean aperture setting on during an encode even if no actual crop is applied.

2. Or... Is there a way to tell if a clap atom is applied/on within JES Extensifier?

Thanks again,
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Re: Clap Atom Check

Postby jeschot » 18 Nov 2016, 19:25

You can tell if a clap atom is present by looking at the Inspector window.
Unfortunately there are cases where QuickTime applies a default clipping when no clap is present. My app cannot show information about this.
The best you can do is open the movie in QuickTime Player 7 and check the size. If the image is clipped and you don't want that, set a zero clip with my app.
IIRC this happens mainly with HDV and DVCProHD movies.

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