Removing CLAP Atom for iTunes Delivery?

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Removing CLAP Atom for iTunes Delivery?

Postby JohnRobMoore » 14 Dec 2016, 00:43

I have only used JES Extensifier a few times to remove the CLAP Atom for iTunes delivery. Today I could not find the tutorial I had found months back with a short video on how to remove the clap atom. I did it from memory selecting the file a .mov HD QT and went to the aspect ratio tab and checked "Allow changes". Then I set the Pixel aspect to change to 1x1 from the default 10x11, I remembered that step from the video tutorial. I then set the Clean aperture to "Remove". I left the boxes checked that were already set for "Remove existing classic scaling" and "Remove existing classic clipping". I then went to the manual tab and clicked "Update". That seemed to do the trick.

I did this first on a test file. Then I went to a True 4K 4096x2160 file and did the same thing but after making all the settings the "Update" button was greyed out. I clicked "Reset application" but still no update. I went back to the Aspect Ratio tab and change a setting then the "Update was not greyed out but those were not the settings I wanted. If I set them back to the above mentioned settings the "Update" was greyed out again. I quit the app and restarted but the same thing happened. Then I waited about 10 minutes and restarted the app and then it worked like it had for the first file.

At first I thought that the app was confused because I did two files one at a time. Then I thought that perhaps the "Update" button being greyed out was an indication that the file already had the CLAP Atom removed or that perhaps the 4K world behaves differently in this regard. But then like I said after 10 minutes the app worked for the 4K file the same way it had worked on the first test file which wasn't 4K.

Any idea what this behavior is and if it's just my lack of experience with the app? TIA
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Re: Removing CLAP Atom for iTunes Delivery?

Postby jeschot » 14 Dec 2016, 11:06


I admit the way it works is a bit unusual.
Once you have made settings any file you open is processed immediately with those settings.
So my guess is the 4K file was processed immediately and you didn't have to do anything anymore.
You can open the file to be processed in the inspector first. Any change should be reflected there.

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